Ninja Bullet

Product Description

Turn ordinary food into nutrient-dense drinks or snacks with this NutriBullet system. Are you on your way to wellness? Learn more about juicing and blending here. Limit 5 per household.

The Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer Program by Magic Bullet is actually portable, safe for children, easy to use and very easily pulverizes fruits, vegetables, super foods and protein smoothies into a delicious, sleek texture. The Ninja bullet blender energy has a patented blade style and cyclonic action mix to extract all the nutrients from your meals helping you to achieve the best lifestyle possible these days. To get the most out of your lifetime, you need to get the most out of the food.

Product Feature

  1. 24-oz. capacity
  2. 600 watts
  3. Milling blade grinds nuts, raw chocolates and more.
  4. Recipe book includes a six-week transformation plan.
  5. Lip rings easily attach to cups, turning them into drink ware.
  6. Re-sealable lids help keep your drinks fresh.

Product Specifications

  • Black: NBR-1201K
  • Blue: NBR-1201B
  • Gray: NBR-12
  • Green: NBR-1201G
  • Orange: NBR-1201O
  • Red: NBR-1201R
  • Power base
  • 24-oz. pitcher
  • Milling blade
  • Extractor blade
  • Two 18-oz. cups
  • Two comfort lip rings
  • Two stay-fresh re-sealable lids
  • User guide/recipe book/pocket nutritionist


The 600 watts of power has been great to tear through kale, chard, frozen berries, almonds, and chia seeds. I love the consistency of the smoothie when I am done. It is not a complete liquid, but really well blended. The Nutri Bullet literally rinses clean in ten seconds. Obviously rinse it right after you are done using it.

It takes me about two-three minutes to make a smoothie and clean up. We are trying and experimenting with foods we would never eat. The directions and nutrition booklets are great to read through for health/diet info. I just love that this Bullet takes up less than half the space of my dead smoothie blender and 1/10 the space of my monster sized juicer that is going on Craigslist!


So far, there is no reasonable allegation that has been made against this specific blender.


If you are thinking about getting a Magic Bullet Blender, you can find all the info you need right here to make your decision. I love the Bullet Blenders myself because they are so simple and convenient to use.

There are more powerful blenders and more advanced ones on the market, maybe. But they are so cumbersome to set up and to clean up; you just dread using them sometimes.

As a result, they end up just collecting dust or take up cupboard space. That alone makes the Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet is the best smoothie maker in the world, for example. You will use it five times a day, easily. With the Bullet Blenders, you can use it as readily as you would use any cup.

And it is really versatile. You can chop onions and garlic, too, without cluttering up your cooking space, and actually make things much easier. The clean-up, too, is so easy; you can use it many times in a day, no problem. It’s just as easy as washing your hands.



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